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No need to invest in a new seeder, Moose Ag products are engineered to be fitted to a wide range of existing equipment. No-Till farming delivers big benefits. Save on tractor time and diesel cost. Improve soil structure. Reduce erosion and soil compaction. Call us to find out the best type of Moose Ag products and mounting gear for your machine.

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  • Moose Industries has over 20 years’ experience in innovation and design within the Agricultural industry. Excelling in the delivery of general engineering work in his local and surrounding communities, and then expanding nationally, Nigel Eckermann has developed a reputation for producing smart, innovative, high quality and aesthetically pleasing products, that are efficient, effective and highly sought after. Nigel uses the latest 3D design software and is trained in Finite Element Analysis, Design Optimisation and photo realistic rendering.
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Nigel Eckerman

Nigel Eckermann

Lead Designer

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Featured Products

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A South Australian engineer has developed a hydraulic coulter system to suit fixed frame seeder bars. Nigel Eckermann, of Moose Industries, said his system was designed to provide a lift mechanism for turning at the end of a row without having to lift the whole bar. “We saw the need for a coulter to fit …
‘Moose Industries’ Tailgate Doors are built tough to withstand the harshest of conditions. We use an “LA14” actuator which has a Metal body and Stainless Rod, as opposed to most other companies who use the LA12 which has a Plastic Body and Rod. The actuator LA14 is a very tough actuator with a high IP …
Seeding season 2016 is fast approaching…we hope you were all able to relish in some ‘down time’ during the holidays. We have been working hard to make sure that our designs for Coulters, Hydraulic Coulters, Press Wheels and Grain Doors, are still the most robust and innovative on the market. We have recently updated our …